Excellence in Action: Our Journey Unfolds

Every chapter tells a story, and here's how ours continues to inspire and innovate.


Founded in 2020, StraStan Solutions started as a response to the digital demands caused by the pandemic.

Added Value Services

Expanded services in 2021 by partnering with major vendors like AltPayNet, 3CX, Google Cloud Partner, and AWS Partner Network.

Started SaaS Projects

Launched SAAS platforms in 2022 focusing on real estate and tourism, further cementing our commitment to innovation and growth.

Why US

Business environments can often be unpredictable. That’s where StraStan Solutions Corp steps in to streamline and simplify. As your partner in IT and Digital Marketing, we’re dedicated to adding balance to your business operations. By building genuine partnerships, we get to know your pain points and goals. When you work with us, you’re engaging with a team that is committed to navigating complexities and finding order amidst the chaos, ensuring that every solution aligns perfectly with your needs.

Our Mission and Vision

We go beyond delivering excellent IT solutions; we're shaping the future. Our commitment extends to fostering new IT talent through advanced internship programs with prestigious schools like Mapua and The Lewis College. These programs, more than mere training, prepare interns for real-world challenges, accelerating their careers.


We thrive on creativity and continuous improvement, ensuring our solutions are at the cutting edge of technology and marketing.


We commit to consistently delivering dependable results and upholding integrity in every project.


We anticipate the needs of our clients and the market, staying ahead of trends to keep your business prepared.


We believe in supporting our clients and our team, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive.

A Team Powered by Expertise and Innovation

At StraStan, we are expanding our network both locally and globally, uniting a diverse team equipped with exceptional service and advanced technical skills. Our growing team is not just about numbers; it’s about enriching our capabilities to better serve our clients and innovate within the IT and digital marketing landscapes.

Thriving Together

We blend hard work with engaging collaboration. We value our partnerships deeply, making every effort to address challenges creatively and ensuring our interactions leave a lasting positive impact. Passionate about our work, we aim to make every workday enjoyable because life is truly too short not to enjoy every step of the journey with a smile.

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